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Share buttons appear after every oik DIY shortcode – workaround

I’m investigating a problem reported on wordpress.org. When you use a DIY shortcode from diy-oik then the Share Buttons by AddToAny appear after each DIY shortcode.

The workaround is to disable AddToAny sharing and then use its shortcode.


Do It Yourself Do It Yourself


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Working well at 9:04 am

I thought I was making good progress today. I’d  breakfasted, watered the plants, updated a load of nodes on my www.bobbingwide.com website, had more cups of tea than James Potter had of coffee and it was still only 9:04.

then it dawned on me. It had been 9:04 for nearly two hours. So I took a screen capture and tried to start GIMP. Then it dawned on Windows Explorer that something was wrong. After re-starting  it I was able to capture the evidence. A little flimsy since you may say. I could have produced the image a variety of ways. Anyway – my machine has just been given a Bobbing Wide fob award, and I’ve got another cuppa.