Simple Twitter Connect and Twitter publisher

Wouldn’t it be great if you could login to your website to administer it, write a post on your blog and have it published to Twitter using only your Twitter account. Well using Simple Twitter Connect that SHOULD be possible… The scenario varies depending on where you start.

  • Not logged in at all
  • Already logged into Twitter
  • Already logged into your website
  • Already logged into both your website (to blog) and Twitter as a different user (say your personal one, but you want to blog to your business one.

I’m not going to finish this post straight away. I first want to check some functionality.

Already logged into Twitter

I’ve connected to Twitter by this method:

  1. Login to my website
  2. View User profile
  3. Click on Connect to twitter
  4. Logged into Twitter as Bobbing Wide (business Twitter page)

Steps to take to publish the post and see it posted to Twitter

  1. Complete the post as far as possible.
  2. Click on Publish
  3. Then click on Twitter Publisher

Then I’ll check

  1. My Bobbing Wide Twitter page
  2. Other pages which are following Bobbing Wide – e.g. www.Bobbing

Here goes then…

Some time later…

Well, after a couple of false starts I think I’ve got it sorted… but WordPress doesn’t use Tiny URL.

It uses the q? form of the URL also known as the shortlink (e.g. )