Torquay tides

Tide Times & Heights for Torquay on 17th November 2018
00:21 - High Tide ( 3.70m )
06:28 - Low Tide ( 2.58m )
12:56 - High Tide ( 3.93m )
19:10 - Low Tide ( 2.36m )

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oik-plugins – an introduction

oik comes with over 70 shortcodes that you can use in your WordPress web site.

oik shortcodes are lazy smart shortcodes. lazy – they don’t do things unnecessarily smart – they can adjust their behaviour depending on how they’re used AND they can provide their own help on how to use them

Let’s kick off with creating a Find me page. Step 1. Complete the information that oik needs to know; you only need to type this once Step 2. Create a new page and enter the shortcodes. We’ll use 5. Step 3. Publish

Acknowledgements and stuff

oik plugins – setting up a new website

Hi, Herb here. This is a new experience for me. I may talk later. But first I’d better practice my typing. I’m setting up a new website called “find a balti” – it was a static site for an April fool in 2010. Now I’m going to make a WordPress site. Using oik plugins… here we go then.