Easy Instagram plugin test



  • user_id = The numerical ID number for your Instagram account shown on the Easy Instagram Settings page
  • tag = hashtags to search for
  • limit = number of pictures to display (10 is max). Default: 1
  • caption_hashtags = show or hide hashtags from the end of image caption. Default: true
  • caption_char_limit = limit the number of characters output in caption. Set 0 for no caption output. Default: 100
  • author_text = allow setting the text format for the image author. Default: “by %s”
  • thumb_click = define the action on thumbnail click. Default: no action.
  • “thickbox” -> Open the image in a Thickbox popup
  • “original” -> Open the original image from Instagram, in a new browser tab
  • time_text = defines the output format for the image time. The value “#T#” is replaced by the time value generated by the “time_format” option. Default: “posted #T#”
  • time_format = defines the time format. Accepts the standard PHP time formats used by “strftime” (http://php.net/manual/en/function.strftime.php) or “#R#” for “relative time”. Default: “#R#”.
  • thumb_size = defines the thumbnail size. Accepts an integer value for square aspect ratio or “M x N” for rectangular aspect ratio. Default: Nothing (the default Instagram thumbnail size)
  • For multiple photo feeds each using different hashtags or user ids, repeat the shortcode with different options set, or add the widget a second time to the same widget space, and enter different settings.