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Shortcodes being expanded in bw_geshi

This example of bw_geshi contains a shortcode that should not have expanded.

[bw_plug option=active_plugins]

When the NextGen plugin is active, the shortcodes ignored by the bw_geshi shortcode would get expanded by NextGen. This was unwanted behaviour, which has now been fixed with version 0.5 of the oik-css plugin. Continue reading


Powered by oik-plugins

Rowlands Castle Web Design is an offshoot of Bobbing Wide and oik-plugins.

Many of the plugins used on these WordPress Multisite sites were developed by Herb Miller.

In this post we demonstrate a couple of the shortcodes from the oik base plugin, the oik-bob-bing-wide plugin and the oik-css plugin.

shortcodes should not expand


[bw_plug name=oik,oik-bob-bing-wide,oik-css]
Shortcode Plugin
bw_csv oik-bob-bing-wide
bw_geshi oik-css
bw_plug oik-bob-bing-wide
bw_wtf oik
Plugin name and description Plugin links Version, total downloads, last update, tested
lazy smart shortcodes for your WordPress website
oik 3.2.3

2017-12-17 09:22:50

More lazy smart shortcodes including bw_csv
oik-bob-bing-wide 1.30.8

2017-05-19 12:16:54

oik-css No info available  

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New oik-ms plugin for WordPress Multisite

The new oik MultiSite Shortcode plugin delivers a set of oik based shortcodes for use in a WordPress Multisite environment. [bw_blogs] will list the public sites as simple links

[bw_blog] allows you to switch between sites, use oik shortcodes for the new site then revert to the original site using another instance of the shortcode. A-MA-ZING Here we list 3 posts from category 6 for the main website’s blog.

3 posts for blog 21

WordUp Pompey!

and back to the main blog – 3 posts from category 6 again Rowlands Castle Web Design

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